As a retailer, you want your products to be well-received by your customers.

Especially for heavy goods like furniture, there’s a lot that can go wrong during the delivery process.

Improper handling can lead to damage, loss in profit, delayed shipping time, bad reviews, and the list goes on.

To ensure that you can provide the best end-to-end purchasing experience for your shoppers, here are 5 things you can do to provide safe and clean home delivery.

Safe home delivery

1- Partner With Reliable, Top-Rated Delivery Services 

The first step is to find a good logistics company that can meet your needs consistently.

Many companies turn to cheap shipping methods- thinking that this will keep the costs down. Usually, it actually does the opposite.

This only brings harm to your business reputation and unhappy customers. By looking up company reviews online, and speaking with their representatives to see how they can meet your needs, you’ll be getting the value that you pay for by partnering with the right provider.

From the long-term standpoint, having a reliable delivery partner ensures that your customers are satisfied, improves your brand’s ratings, grows revenue, and actually saves costs by reducing accidents like damages and returns down the road.

2- Integrate White Glove Service Into Your Delivery Offerings

If your business sells bulky items like sofas and bed frames, the best delivery method is a white glove service.

With white glove shipping, you’re investing in improving your customer service.

Instead of letting standard carriers like FedEx and UPS handle your products, white glove delivery is performed by professionals who will make sure that no item is left unattended at the customer’s doorstep.

From special packaging, repair, fast delivery, and assembling the product at a customer’s home, the white glove experience takes a step further to ensure that your customers are pleased with their purchase.

3- Expansive Coverage Network + Warehousing 

Good delivery is all about quick, precise timing.

And the only way to reduce shipping time is to have an expansive coverage network of your distribution centers and warehouses.

This may be a limiting factor if you’re a small business and you only have a few local locations.

But if you partner with companies like Massiano Logistics, a leading digital delivery network for heavy goods, you can ship to customers fast and easily powered by their nationwide coverage and custom warehousing solutions.

If you don’t have enough space for inventory, you can store your products in our warehouse and have them shipped whenever you need, without worrying about the picking and loading process.

With various terminals located across the country, this enables shippers to offer rapid deployment and delivery for their customers, wherever they are located.

A peace of mind for you, and a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

4- Collect Your customers’ home entry information 

A no-fit situation is exactly what you want to avoid when the delivery team arrives at the customer’s location.

Now you have to figure out the reverse logistics, costs, rescheduling, and quite possibly refund the customer.

The good news is that this accident can be avoided with a few simple steps.

Before actual delivery, inform the customer of your company’s terms regarding their responsibility to ensure accurate measurements of their home.

Make sure that the measurements of the item will fit through their entry, room of choice. Also, check if there are any stairs that the delivery team has to climb up.

By confirming this information between the customer and the delivery team, we can avoid accidents and enjoy a smooth delivery,

5- Build a secure communication network 

Heavy shipping is not as easy as dropping off your amazon package at the door.

The customer must be home by the estimated delivery time and confirm proof of delivery upon arrival. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid communication network for your logistics.

Rather than emailing back and forth between the customer and delivery team, it’s much easier for all parties to receive instant notifications through a single platform.

Massiano Logistics for example runs its entire delivery operation on its proprietary software for logistics management. This helps make a much clearer and safer home delivery.

Whenever an order is shipped, in transit, delivered, and signed by the customer, the shipper has complete access to the tracking history per order- including photo documentation, ePOD (electronic proof of delivery), delivery tracking, etc.

Gone are the days of manually flipping through paper documents to check every delivery information.

Go paperless, optimize your supply chain, reduce lead time, and make your customers happy.

Safe Home Delivery Options

If you really want safe home delivery, always look for white glove delivery providers.

These are the experienced professionals that can take good care of your customer’s goods.

If you’re looking for someone to help you out, you should talk to us and see how we could help you.

We’ve done hundreds of deliveries just like yours, making us the best in the field.

Call us now, before we run out of free spots to help you out!

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