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Claims Policy

If you have any questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our DEdicated claims department.

POD: If the customer signs a proof of delivery confirming no damage to the delivered merchandise or their home, or loss of any item(s), Massiano Logistics cannot honor a claim for damage or loss.

Time Frame: All claims for damage/loss of items, or damage to the delivery recipient’s home must be submitted through its platform within 5 days, including photographs of the damaged item and the surrounding area. Any claim reported after this time cannot be compensated.

Fragile Materials: Massiano Logistics cannot honor claims for any items made of fragile materials, including, but not limited to: glass, mirror, marble, ceramic, or tile, or for carpets and/or rugs. We do not deluxe light color or fragile upholstery.

Insurance Value: Massiano Logistics can only cover claim amounts up to the total insured value of an order, which is available on customers dashboard. Customers can increase the insurance coverage when booking an order, up to the maximum coverage amount of $5,000. Massiano Logistics cannot honor claims greater than $5,000. Items, where a claim is paid, becomes Massiano Logistics property.

Concealed Damage: For those items where Massiano Logistics handles shipment to the final mile terminal, Massiano Logistics can only honor claims for damage in transit if there is clear and documented damage to the packaging of the item. Massiano Logistics cannot honor claims for concealed damage.

Right to Repair: Massiano Logistics has the right to attempt to repair any damaged item before the shipper can order a replacement. If Massiano Logistics advises that the item cannot be repaired, or that the repair failed, only then can shipper order a replacement at Massiano Logistics’ cost.

Timeframe for Repair: Massiano Logistics shall have 14 days to attempt repair. If repair has not occurred within this timeframe, shipper can order a replacement. Shipper must inform Massiano Logistics when ordering a replacement and let Massiano Logistics know of the cost (wholesale) as soon as possible.

Delivering Items as Loaners: If shipper would like Massiano Logistics to deliver a damaged item as a loaner, with the intention of shipping a replacement to the customer at a later date, Massiano Logistics cannot be responsible for the cost of the replacement.

Inspection before Delivery: Massiano Logistics inspects orders 24 hours before the delivery date, per the typical White Glove delivery process.

Inspection Upon Arrival: Massiano Logistics will only inspect orders upon arrival at the final mile terminal when a customer requests and pays for this service. Items marked for inspection upon arrival can be viewed in customer platform.

Service Level: Unless there is clear and documented damage to the packaging of the item, Massiano Logistics cannot honor claims on any orders with a service level of Curbside, Threshold, Room of Choice, or Room of Choice with Debris Removal.

Indirect Damage Claims: Massiano Logistics shall not be liable for indirect damages including, but not limited to, any loss of profits or revenue, any excess time allocated, or any damages or inconveniences reported by the customer or third party other than direct damages or loss described above.

Shipping Credits: All approved claims will be paid out to Shipper in the form of shipping credits, to be applied towards future orders Shipper books with Massiano Logistics. Massiano Logistics will not process checks, bank transfers, or credit card charges to pay any approved claims unless there are extenuating circumstances. The product becomes Massiano Logistics property.

Unpackaged Product Insurance: If Massiano Logistics is picking up a product that is unpackaged, Massiano Logistics will only honor claims up to an amount at Massiano Logistics’ discretion. Massiano Logistics cannot guarantee that the full replacement value will be covered, even if additional insurance is purchased on the order.

Insurance coverage does not cover Freight Delays.