Deluxing an order service in the delivery and transportation industry refers to an additional level of service we provide to ensure that the delivered products are presented in an attractive and presentable way to the end customer.

This service may include tasks such as unpacking and removing any packaging materials, inspecting the products for damage or defects, arranging the items aesthetically pleasing, and even performing simple assembly or installation tasks if necessary. The goal of deluxe is to enhance the customer experience by ensuring that the delivered products meet the highest standards of quality and presentation.

Deluxing services are typically offered as an add-on service and are often requested by high-end retailers or e-commerce companies that place a premium on the customer experience. By providing deluxe services, logistics companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and add value to their services.


Deluxing order service
  • WG means White Glove service – open all boxes and have them pre-assembled.
  • Any orders that are on Threshold Service Level must be kept in boxes.
  • All items must have images taken of all labels on the items as well as in their original packaging. These are to be uploaded to our software before deluxing.
  • Inspect the exterior damage to the packaging if there is.
  • Open the items and assemble them to make sure that all hardware and items are present, open and close doors and drawers multiple times. Install handles, pull, and feet.
  • For fragile items like mirrors and glass, check the entire glass for any cracks and chips.
  • Should there be any damage on the item, make sure to mark it as “Inspection” if still can be repaired and replacement is needed.
  • A repair quote must be submitted for any items that are on “Inspection” status.

Why Should you use Deluxing an Order delivery service?

Using a Deluxing order delivery service can offer several benefits, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the customer. Here are some reasons why you might consider using a Deluxing order delivery service:

If you need an item delivered urgently, a Deluxing service can offer same-day or express delivery options that are faster than standard delivery services.

If you are shipping high-value or delicate items, a Deluxing service can offer customized delivery options, such as white-glove service or hand delivery, to ensure that your items arrive in pristine condition.

If you want to provide your customers with a memorable and high-quality delivery experience, using a Deluxing service can add an extra touch of luxury and personalization to the delivery.

If you want to differentiate your business from competitors, using a Deluxing service can offer unique and premium features that set your business apart.

If you want to improve the brand image of your business, using a Deluxing service can help to associate your business with luxury, quality, and attention to detail.


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