Using our proprietary technology and innovative processes, we coordinate the entire furniture delivery process, from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the customer’s home.

With our experienced operations team and industry-leading delivery platform, we perform our deliveries more quickly (in as little as 3-5 days), more effectively (80% fewer damaged and rejected orders), and with more transparency and clearer communication than any other last-mile delivery company.


  • WG means White Glove service – open all boxes and have it pre-assemble.
  • Any orders that are on TH Service Level must be kept in boxes.
  • All items must have images taken of all labels on the items as well as in its original packaging. These are to be uploaded in the order in Grasshopper before deluxing.
  • Inspect the exterior damages to the packaging if there is.
  • Ensure to open the boxes very carefully.
  • Inspect all items for any visible damages.
  • Open the items and assemble it to make sure that all hardware and items are present, open and close doors and drawers multiple times. Install handles, pulls and feet.
  • For fragile items like mirrors and glass, check the entire glass for any cracks and chips.
  • Should there be any damages on the item, make sure to mark it as ‘Inspection’ if still can be repaired.
  • ‘Failed Deluxe’ if it cannot be repaired and replacement is needed.
  • A repair quote must be submitted for any items that are on ‘Inspection’ status.


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