A Room of Choice delivery service is a type of delivery service provided by some retailers or shipping companies where the delivery personnel will bring your ordered items directly to a room of your choice in your home or office, rather than leaving them at your doorstep or curbside. This service is usually offered for larger or heavier items that are difficult for customers to move on their own, such as furniture, appliances, or exercise equipment.


  • Delivery team to call the customer 30 minute before arrival
  • Upon arrival, delivery team will perform a walk through to assess where the item/s needs to be placed.
  • We then bring the order to the room of choice so when the delivery team leave the residence, the customer can unpack the item/s and finish any setup or assembly (if needed)
  • The customer is responsible for assembling the order

What are the Benefits of Room of Choice Service?

There are several benefits of using a Room of Choice Delivery service:

Room of Choice delivery service is convenient for customers who may not have the physical ability or equipment to move and set up larger or heavier items on their own.

Having the delivery team bring your items directly to a specific room and assemble them for you saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent doing it yourself.

Professional delivery personnel is trained and equipped to handle large, heavy, or fragile items safely, reducing the risk of damage to your items or your home.

Delivery personnel are trained to assemble your items correctly, reducing the risk of mistakes or errors in assembly that could cause problems later on.

The delivery personnel will remove all packaging materials, which can be a time-consuming and messy process.

Overall, Room of Choice delivery service provides a convenient, time-saving, and professional option for customers who want to receive their items in a hassle-free manner.


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