A vendor pickup is a type of vendor delivery service where a vendor or supplier sends a representative to pick up goods or products from a designated location, such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility, and transport them to the vendor’s own location or directly the end customer.

This service can be beneficial for both vendors and customers, as it allows for more efficient and timely delivery of goods. The vendor delivery pickup service may be provided by the vendor themselves or by a third-party logistics provider. In some cases, the vendor may charge an additional fee for this service, while in others it may be included in the cost of the goods or services being provided.


Safe home delivery
  • An email notification will be received from the shipper that an order is ready for pick-up.
  • Check the location if the area is covered and offer the available schedule date. If location is out of state, notify the shipper immediately.
  • The address, contact number and e-mail address of the vendor must be verified. Also, the receiving hours must be captured.
  • Ensure that the vendor pick up fee is added in the order. If Service Level is Pick and Consolidated, manually add the vendor pick up fee as well.
  • Once the schedule is confirmed by the vendor, a pick up BOL must be sent to vendor and to our warehouse team for documentation purposes.
  • Monitor if the order was successfully picked up, make sure to add to return manifest for scanning/receiving.
  • If the order was not successfully picked up, make sure to tag as failed pick-up using the fee coding in the account and same order number will be used to schedule on another date.

Why Should You Use Vendor Pick Up Service?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider using a vendor pickup delivery service:

Using a vendor delivery pickup service can be more convenient than arranging your own transportation or shipping, especially if you’re shipping large or heavy items that require special handling.

In many cases, a vendor delivery pickup service can be more cost-effective than other shipping options, especially for large or heavy items. By using the vendor’s own transportation, you can often save on shipping costs.

A vendor delivery pickup service can save time for both the vendor and the customer, as it eliminates the need for the customer to wait for the delivery truck to arrive. It can also be faster than other shipping options, as the vendor can often arrange for a pickup time that fits with their schedule.

With a vendor pickup service, the vendor can personally inspect the goods or products before they are transported, ensuring that they meet their own quality standards.

Using a vendor pickup service can improve communication between the vendor and the customer, as they can coordinate the pickup and delivery schedule directly.

Vendor pickup services can often be more reliable than other shipping options, as the vendor has more control over the transportation process and can ensure that the goods or products are delivered on time and in good condition.

Overall, using a vendor delivery pickup delivery service can provide a reliable and efficient way to transport goods and products, while also saving time and money.


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