Experience the Ultimate Delivery Service with Rapid White Glove

Rapid White Glove delivery service is a premium shipping and delivery service that combines speed and high-quality service. Our specialized team of delivery professionals handles the entire delivery process from start to finish, providing a rapid and efficient experience with a high level of care and attention to detail.

With Rapid White Glove delivery service, our delivery team is responsible for unpacking and inspecting the items, placing them in the room of the customer’s choice, assembling and installing them if needed, and removing all packaging materials and debris. The team will also ensure that the items are in good condition and working order before leaving.

Rapid White Glove delivery service may be more expensive than standard shipping and delivery options, but it provides a higher level of convenience, peace of mind, and a rapid and efficient experience for customers who value speed and quality.


  • We open the order, inspect, and apply minor touch ups if needed in the hub.
  • We then blanket-wrap and shrink wrap the order and load it into the trucks for delivery.
  • Delivery team will call the customer 30 minutes before arrival. They will perform a walk-through on the customer’s premise to assess where the item/s needs to be placed.
  • Items will be set up according to the customer’s wishes, including 30 minutes of light assembly.
  • Delivery team needs to clean the area upon leaving so the customer can enjoy their new purchase right away.
  • The full complex White Glove + Deluxe service level. This is the highest premium service available.

Why Should You Use White Glove Service?

You should consider using white glove delivery service if you have large, heavy, or fragile items that require special handling and care during the delivery process.

Here are some specific reasons why you might want to use white glove delivery service:

If you are shipping high-value or delicate items such as antiques, artwork, or furniture, white glove delivery service can provide the specialized handling and care necessary to ensure that the items arrive in good condition.

White glove delivery service often includes professional installation services, which can be particularly useful for items like furniture, appliances, and electronics that require assembly and setup.

White glove delivery service is designed to provide high customer service and satisfaction, with specialized delivery teams trained to handle any issues that might arise during the delivery process.

With white glove delivery service, you can reduce the risk of damage to your items during shipping and handling, as the delivery team takes extra precautions to ensure that the items are transported and installed safely and securely.

Overall, white glove delivery service provides a premium level of service and care that can help ensure that your valuable and delicate items arrive at their destination in good condition, while also providing the convenience and peace of mind that comes with professional handling and installation.


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